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Pipeline Construction & Underground Utility Systems

We specialize in take up and re-lay, distribution as well as cross county mainline pipeline installation for steel and HDPE. As our industry changes, we have adapted our expertise in pipeline installation and transitioned that success into underground fiber, renewables, and electrical utility systems. Recently completing over 10,000LF of 30” underground electrical casing installation in HDD’s alone, we are confident that our team can provide the best execution. Regardless of the terrain or sensitive resources, we ensure compliance from vegetation removal, through restoration.


Emergency Call Out & Maintenance

Our team is ready to support all our Customer’s needs when it comes to anomaly investigation digs, emergency call outs and environmental slip repairs. By having our experiences crews and equipment available in the tri-state area, you can always count on us to complete any last-minute venture.

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Station Facilities & Construction

Our experience highlights station upgrades as well as new construction. We have been successful throughout the southern tier and NY with all aspects of station work including the erection of buildings, fabrication, welding, pipe coating, fence installation, foundations, and electrical support. 

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Asset and Integrity Testing

EnCompass has vast experience in the testing of pipelines, fabrication, and facilities in many challenging environments. We also perform integrity testing, existing facility pigging, ILI and smart tool runs. EnCompass has the experience to properly execute critical testing safely and on schedule to meet owner requirements.

Civil and Site Construction, Erosion & Sediment Control Support

All our supervisors and crews are well versed in the DEP and DEC regulations as well as Safety Standard and best management practices. We have successfully completed many projects in the steep WV and PA hills as well as over 5 NYS PSC Article VII regulated projects with zero non-compliance. Our team is well equipped to perform internal access road improvements in the forms of grading, permanent and temporary gravel improvements well as timber matting.

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Trenchless Pipe & HDD Installation

EnCompass boasts a team highly experienced with interstate, railroad and stream boring using the guided pilot boring, conventional track method and air hammer. We understand the safety and environmental implications of a thoroughly planned process and pride ourselves on being able to execute any project and incorporate our experience into an effective plan.


Valued Engineering

Our management team comprises of over 100 years of combined experience in different realms of the energy division from drilling to mainline to environmental which allows for multiple viewpoints to be shared. We believe in sharing any valued engineering with the Customer to ensure that our cohesive approach benefits the Customer for a successful project.

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