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Ranging across a broad expanse of locations and requirements, EnCompass Pipeline always comes through in a pinch.


  • NY-Avangrid-Article VII RARP- 10,500 LF of 30” HDD’s, road bores and underground electrical conduits.

  • PA-Williams-Constable Loop Pipeline-18,980 LF of 12” Pipeline.

  • NY-RG&E-Article VII CM1_CM4-2.5 miles of 24” pipeline, 1.6 miles of 16” pipeline, 1500 LF of HDDs and Road Bores.

  • PA-Williams-Gamble Buildout-27,600 LF of dual lay 12” pipeline and all associated fabrications.

  • NY-NFG-Line UNY Thruway Replacement-4,905 LF of 20” take up and re-lay.

  • PA-Williams-Hunter Well Line-13,375 LF of 12” Pipeline.

  • NY-NFG-Article VII VM-5, 12,000 of 12” take up and re-lay. 

  • PA-Williams-Elly May Pipeline-10,235 LF of 12” Pipeline

  • NY-RG&E-Article VII CM5-5.2 miles of 24” Pipeline, 3500 LF of 24” HDD’s and Road Bores.

  • PA-Williams-Ashby Well Line and Wolfe Line-17,165 LF of 6” and 8” Pipeline

Since 2012, EnCompass Pipeline has established offices in Washington, Troy, and Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. We have grown to include field offices in Fairmont, West Virginia and established office in Scottsville, NY. Our crews are made up of the highest quality professionals and our past projects have employed from 25 to 150 seasoned veterans of the industry. From mid-stream to mainline, EnCompass delivers the finest work available in the industry. Among various civil work, meter swaps, valve installations, slug catcher installations, environmental slip repairs and integrity dig- ups, some of our past projects include:
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